We Are Live!

We Are Live!

It took a while, but this Patreon channel is finally open for business! To start off with, how about a review of some of the Pledge $1 rewards?

Writing Prompts: I love writing prompts. I’ve done them several times for short stories, with some of those short stories turning into novels, and even series. The first Redpoint One science fiction romance book “Coffee Cup Dreams” is a prime example. So much for a short story. So much for only one novel! The series currently has 3 books in it, and there is the possibility of 3 more sometime in the future.

Writing Advice: Have a question? Post it to one of the Patreon only feeds (tier 1 or above) and I will prioritize an answer!

Sneak Previews and Coupons: Several releases are planned this coming year, including the last String Weaver book. Tier 1 is a great way to keep track of the new releases!

Oh, and then there is my squeeing gratitude! Seriously. Sometimes I squee. I just can’t help it. 😛


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