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Yes, I sometimes create generators when my analytical mind goes into overdrive. Not only do I create them, but I also use them! So, for everyone else who likes to get inspiration from generators, here you go:

Title Generator

Does what it sounds like: Generate story titles. Mix and match, drop words or add your own to make it even more useful. WARNING: I am not responsible for the bunnies it may inspire!

Free Writing Spreadsheets

I’m known for making writing-oriented spreadsheets and sharing them over at “Writing Groove” and “Forward Motion for Writers.” I thought I would post a few here to help other writers out. Have fun!

2015 Word Count and Revision Tracker

This is a yearly writing goal spreadsheet that is designed to set up goals per week. It provides two ways of tracking writing progress over a year: New Word Count and Revision Word Count. What constitutes a writing “Work Week” can be chosen, which will adjust all daily statistics automatically. While most of the spreadsheet is set up to account for progress on a weekly basis, it will still provide how many words per day you need, as well as telling you in the stats area how many words you need the next day. NOTE: This spreadsheet is updated and reposted on this site every year.

2017 WordCount Hybrid Tracker TEMPLATE OPEN OFFICE
2017 WordCount Hybrid Tracker TEMPLATE EXCEL

Schedule – Writing and Publishing TEMPLATE

This is what I use to help guide what I do each month in both writing and publishing. I adjust it at least every year and quarter as a part of  my business plan. Instructions are included.

Schedule – Writing and Publishing TEMPLATE OPEN OFFICE
Schedule – Writing and Publishing TEMPLATE EXCEL


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