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I keep getting asked if I do cover design for others. The answer is yes. If you are interested in a cover, please contact me using the Contact page and provide the following information. I will let you know if I have time, and if I believe I can work in your genre/sub-genre.

Main Genre:
Sub-Genre: (If applicable)
Author name:
Subtitle: (If applicable, such as “A True Souls short story” or the series name)
Author Byline: “By the Author of (book, series, whatever)”
Type of Series: (if applicable: Trilogy, closed series of so-many books, open series)
Cover Thoughts: (images, examples, preferences, and so on)

Prices for ebook covers range from $35 for simple covers, to around $250 for more complex or digitally painted covers. It really depends on the project and what is wanted.


What genres do you create covers in?
Genres of previous covers (not a full list). If you are interested in a cover in a different genre, please ask.

  • Science fiction (obviously!)
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

What sizes do I get?
When the cover is complete, I will send the following sizes to you in JPEG format: 150 pixels high (great for bibliographies), 350 pixels high (good for use on blogs), 200×300 pixels (For use on All Romance Ebooks/Omnilit), 800 pixels high, 1680 pixels high (Barnes & Noble), 2700 pixels high (Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes).

Do you format print POD covers?
Yes. If you have already hired me to create the ebook cover, to do the print cover is $25-60 extra, depending on complexity of design and the artwork. For instance, a full panel artwork that wraps around to the back will be at the high range.


FriendShip-150HMary-Celeste-150HBreakup-150HThe String Weavers 150HThe Phoenix Eggs 150HThe Dark Phoenix 150HCCD-150HDark_Circus-150HBP-150HGaslight_Tea_Party-150HConvoy-VGF-150HA_Present_for_Cynthia-150HEC-150HDotS-150HCurse of the Second Date 150HBowl_The_Lizard-150H

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