Redpoint One Romance Series

Coffee Cup DreamsCoffee Cup Dreams (A Redpoint One Romance – Book 1)

She wasn’t supposed to wake up when dead…

During a simple operation Tish Douglas died. And yet, she also awoke… in what the doctors called a ‘psi event.’ No matter what they called it, it destroyed the life she knew and sent her fleeing Earth to a remote still-operating ancient space station of alien origins called Redpoint One.

New boss Arthur Getty doesn’t need any additional problems, such as a new recruit who doesn’t have a shred of maintenance experience. And yet, between pirate attacks, intelligent repair robots running around, maintenance emergencies, and a strange space station that no one really understands, the sparks fly.

Despite Arthur knowing that as his employee Tish is off-limits. Despite the secret Tish keeps about what sent her fleeing to Redpoint One in the first place.

Published by Star Catcher Publishing.

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A Redpoint One RomanceA Turn of the Pipes (A Redpoint One Romance – Book 2)

An alien newt leads to… love?

Rachel Henderkito’s job of taking care of Redpoint One’s plumbing problems isn’t easy, especially when citizen pets clog up the pipes. After fishing an alien newt out of the pipes for a third time she takes the creature back to its owner for a stern warning.

Ignacio Manetti is determined to help keep rare alien newts and salamanders off the extinction list. He doesn’t have time for romance, nor for the heart-breaking memories it brings with it.

Add in an alien flying squirrel, preparations for Redpoint One’s annual Exotic Pet Show, and the lovably interfering Naughty Knitter’s Club, how can romance not bloom?

Except Rachel and her bot hate his rare Mandian Ruffled Newt while he unconditionally loves it.

Published by Star Catcher Publishing.

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2 Comments on “Redpoint One Romance Series

  1. I got both and they’re really, really good (says someone who doesn’t normally like romance novels).

  2. OK, I am a male and I overlooked the word Romance in the series title. I have read the Salmon Run series and totally enjoyed it. Then I read Coffee Cup Dreams. Cool story, I want to go to Red point One. About halfway through, i realized thst this was a ROMANCE series. Wow. Redpoint One is full of people doing exactly people like things. Believable people. On a believable space station. An alien built space station. Totally cool..
    Then I tore through the next book in the series, and after 10 or so pages,I saw ‘that’ word. I was shocked to realive that I competed and totally loved the story. Sad when it was over. Yes, totally hooked.
    And I think you, too, will be hooked. Red point One is full of surprises and very interesting twists. So, what’s my advice ? Hurry up and read them all. The Salmon Ruin series is very nice. Thee Red point One series iis a total delight. I am thinking of re-reading everything I have by that magical word-smith = J A Marlow. Then, as fast as possible, tracking down every thing I can find by J A and setting on the top shelf of my Amazon Fire ( so to speak ).
    Many, many thanks for the enjoyable read and the thoughts that wander around in my mind, thinking of your people and situations and details, and plot twists and alien technology and everything else.
    Very rarely do I want to BE the writer. J A makes me want to be able to create such captivating worlds.
    Can I ask you ( J A ), for a favor ? Hurry up.. Write at the speed of light. Your readers are waiting semi patiently for more ! Keep up the good work.
    AndrewO, in San Jose, California.

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