Redpoint One Romance Series

A spacestation of alien origin, repair bots unable to speak the human’s language, exotic pet shows, a maintenance crew scrambling to hold things together… the perfect atmosphere for love.

Salmon Run Series

Welcome to Salmon Run, Alaska! A place of wild animals, wild lands, and wild inhabitants…oh, and native legends come alive and an interplanetary alien conflict at their backdoor.

The String Weavers Series

Disappearing food. Music no one else hears. An alien dropped off by a giant flaming bird… Abducted from Earth, Kelsey Hale finds herself in the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universes.

Children of Jad Series

Ancient spacecraft crashes. Pirates. Chion Warriors. Treasure hunters. Eebra-Shee Masters. Just another day for the Children of Jad.

Other Fiction

Novels, novelettes, collections, and short stories that do not belong to a specific series.


Writing articles and various other things