June Goals and Updates

Wow, we are almost to the half-way mark in the year. Not happy to have lost the first part of the year, although I did get some good writing in. Just not as much writing as I would have liked.

So, time to look forward to the rest of the year. Time to make plans to help me get on track. I won’t have as much time for writing as I did in the first part of the year because of the job and the health (having flares of fatigue, possible new diagnosis (see below)), but I can try to ‘fail to success’.

So, without further ado, here are a few goals for June:

* Finish first draft of Tsunami Found. Sooooo close on this one.

* Finish book description for Tsunami Found.

* Finish brainstorming of book 3 of new shiny in preparation for either the July Camp Nano or the November National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Seriously brain, figure out the overall plot before giving me so many nice juicy subplots! Sigh.

* Forward Motion for Writers site upgrade project: Finish transferring all permanent pages to the new CMS.

There are other things I would like to do, but if I’m able to get to them I will view them as ‘gravy’ to the above.

In good news, it appears I may have an answer to what is the underlaying cause of most of my health issues (and I just KNEW there was one). My sister was just diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), and it tends to run in families. I went over the symptoms and just started nodding my head going “yep, yep, got it, got it, got it…” Wow, it was amazing how many I have.

We’re pretty certain Mother Hen had it. It’s a syndrome that isn’t easy to diagnose. For some, a blood test will sometimes give a diagnosis, but not for everyone who has it. So, it’s also a matter of ruling out what you DON’T have. I’ve had a bunch of tests in the past to rule other things out, test my sister also had. I can’t afford other tests at the moment (US health insurance for those who don’t work for big corporations is a cruel joke that the US should be ashamed of), but yeah, with the long list of symptoms, a sister who now has a diagnosis, and a mother who also had almost all the symptoms, plus I’d already figured out over-the-counter medical responses to flares that WORK and are consistent with now-common medical treatments of MCAS?

I would be shocked if it was something else.

So, I’m changing my diet yet again. Turns out I was already on the right track for a bunch of things, just from listening to my body and trying to figure out what foods and activities caused flares. Now that I know what the issue is (seriously. I’m about 90% sure this is what has been going on with me all these years), I can get even better at it.

By the way, to the doctors who told me this was all in my head despite me being so sick at times that I couldn’t work and occasionally it sent me to the emergency room: I TOLD YOU SO! Seriously. Those in the medical profession. DO NOT tell your patients that it’s all in their heads just because YOU can’t figure it out!


Thank goodness I believed in myself and worked to find answers on my own. If I hadn’t, my medical condition would be so much worse. I find it ironic and pleasing (and sad, as it’s eroded my trust of the medical profession) to find out that my trial-and-error methodology resulted in many self-treatments that are the same as if prescribed by a medical doctor to someone with MCAS.

I got so much of it right!

I’m really hoping that all this will help me to eventually get on top of the fatigue, brain fog, and inflammation flares that keep me perpetually exhausted. Enable me to be healthier. Be more productive.

Because I have a ton more books I want to write.