R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard – Hello New Art

Well, I wondered if it would happen. It finally did.

After several million words, my Microsoft 1392 Arc keyboard up and died. One night it worked great, then I picked it up the next day for a new writing session…

And nothing.

R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard - Hello New Art
OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay

At first I thought the batteries died. Changed them, and still didn’t work. Could be bum new batteries, right? So I found two more batteries from a different pack. Nope, no go. Tried many ways to re-establish communication with the computer. It isn’t just a connection issue. The little light for the caps lock won’t even come on.

Tried manipulating the area where the batteries went in. Restarted and ran diagnostics on the computer, just in case.

I think it’s dead, Jim.

R.I.P. wireless keyboard!

A new one was purchased, but it took over a week to arrive. My biggest writing time is at night, and unfortunately, the laptop keyboard is too high when the machine is sitting on the desk for me to write very many words. Doing so would hurt my wrists and shoulders because of how bad the ergonomics are.

I can’t afford to harm my wrists and arms. My writing, art, and taking care of Mother Hen depend on them. So, until the keyboard arrived, the writing had to changed.

So, I switched gears! At night I worked on covers and art. These are still moving me forward in good directions! The art I’m doing is not only for myself, but also artwork to sell. Here is my account at Dreamstime with some of my artwork for sale.

While sorting through my artwork looking for works that were almost done, I found a few pieces I’d been playing with. I’ve put a few of them up at my Deviant Art account:

R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard - Hello New ArtWhat keyboard did I buy? I found a refurbished Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac/iPad/iPhoneR.I.P. Wireless Keyboard - Hello New Art. I’ll never need batteries again!

R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard - Hello New ArtNo matter what, I’m determined to remain creative!

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R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard - Hello New Art

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard – Hello New Art”

  1. Love the art work. 🙂 I need to create some more soon as I finish editing my latest story.
    I also hope the solar powered keyboard helps you write many many more words for years to come. 🙂

    • Thank you! So far the new keyboard has worked out great. It has a very soft touch to the fingers. Now to see how long it lasts. 😛

      Thank you for the comments on the art! It was great to have an art sabbatical. 😀


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