New Release: Once Upon a Pet Show (A Redpoint One Romance)

(Oops. Just realized I’ve already announced this release. Oh well, you get to see it again! 😛 )

Once Upon a Pet ShowDoes love stand a chance among alien pets and intrigues?

Vallory Schist does not care about winning a prize at Redpoint One’s annual Exotic Pet show. She must quickly find her rare Etrucian Daubpups a new habitat, and an attraction to Damien cannot get in the way.

Failing life-support systems at both the show and station keep engineer Damien Lysander busier than ever. Then he encounters Vallory and her heat-sensitive daubpups… and the fireworks when they are together.

Add into the mix the nosy Naughty Knitter’s Club, interfering repair bots, a series of pet-nappings, and daubpups who will not stay in their cages…

How can love not bloom?

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(Yes, this is as silly and fun as it sounds! 😀 )

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New Release: Once Upon a Pet Show (A Redpoint One Romance)

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