Free 2 Year Novel Class at Forward Motion for Writers

OpenClips / Pixabay
OpenClips / Pixabay

For those who are interested in continuing to write past the Nano season:

Lazette Gifford authored the wonderful ebook “Nano for the New and Insane” (Available for free download in multiple ebook formats at Smashwords). Her help to authors doesn’t stop there.Starting in January, she’s starting a free online class called “The 2 Year Novel.” As the name might suggest, this class takes place over 2 years with one class a week. In that time you will take an idea and start to refine it, write (designed to coincide with Nano 2104 if you want to write the first draft then), revise, and then to publishing or submitting. The classes were updated in 2012 and 2013 to reflect the trends toward Indie (self) publishing. The classes are conducted through the forums at Forward Motion for Writers.

All you need is an idea you want to take from the very basics all the way through the steps. This is not a fast class and you will have all the time you need to develop each step. It’s a great way to learn new techniques, and to meet a bunch of other great writers as they go through the same classes as you do. Yes, I’m taking it myself. 😀

The online version includes:

  • Weekly class post
  • Question and answer section
  • Member’s Only area to post your weekly assignments and get feedback from other members of the class.
  • The course is free. Just sign up at the site for a free account and then go to this sign-up thread (must be signed in to see) to sign up for the 2 Year Novel class.

While it has already started, there is still time to jump in and join in the fun! At least until around the 15th of January.

See you there!
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Free 2 Year Novel Class at Forward Motion for Writers

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  1. Thank you! I found out about the class through your NaNo post, and I already love it. I’ve joined in now. I actually joined the FM site for the course, but I love the site too (my name’s aisha over at FM).


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