Relaunch: The Phoenix Eggs (The String Weavers – Book 2)

The Phoenix Eggs 350HIn preparation for releasing the third String Weaver book, the old covers and descriptions of the two previously released books are getting a make-over. To the right is the brand new cover. Below is the new description. Enjoy@

The Phoenix Eggs

(The String Weavers – Book 2)

The power of universes fit in the palm of a hand.

What Professor Hadrian wants with the Phoenix Eggs, no one knows. What Kelsey Hale and her team do know: They must find and secure them first. Before he can harness and use the raw power contained within. The lives across many universe, including theirs, depend on the team coming together like never before.

Kelsey’s rare talent may turn the battle around. If her teammates will believe it exists.

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