New Release: Mary Celeste Adrift

Mary Celeste 350HStrange things happen in the Briggs Triangle…

Low-ranked crew member Riya Cobley gets the lovely privilege of joining the team to investigate the drifting space-freighter “Mary Celeste.” The mystery mounts when they find prepared food still sitting on the tables, intact systems, yet no crew or record of them leaving. Where did everyone go?

Then new alarms sound on both ships…

A science fiction suspense novelette inspired by the real “Mary Celeste” maritime mystery.

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Relaunch: The String Weavers (The String Weavers – Book 1)

The String Weavers 350HIn preparation for releasing the third String Weaver book, the old covers and descriptions of the two previously released books are getting a make-over. To the right is the brand new cover. Below is the new description. “The Phoenix Eggs” is soon to be relaunched, as well!

The String Weavers

(The String Weavers – Book 1)

Disappearing food. Music no one else hears. An alien dropped off by a giant flaming bird…

Abducted from Earth, Kelsey Hale finds herself in the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universes. She must not only survive, but also rescue her father from a dangerous group of unknown intent. In the process discovering a family secret that will change her life forever.

With the mysterious Weavers connecting it all.

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New Release: Dark of the Storm (An Abashiri Sky City Tale)

Dark of the Storm 350HDark of the Storm (An Abashiri Sky City Tale)

Death lurks in the storm of a lifetime.

Gardens are few on a floating city. When a new family arrives in her apartment high-rise, Hikari Lark introduces them to their large outdoor balcony garden. As Abashiri Sky City shuts down for the storm of the decade, darker shadows lurk in her beautiful corner of existence.

Threatening everything she holds dear, including life itself.

A science fiction novelette.

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New Release: Breakup – Alaska Style (Salmon Run – Book 7)

Breakup - Alaska Style

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Yikes! I’m a little behind announcing past releases! Let’s see if I can start to get caught up…

Yes, there is a new Salmon Run book out! One that I think is a lot of fun!

Summer, fall, winter, and breakup…

Slush and mud mix with snow and ice, turning Salmon Run into a gooey mess. Spring will soon arrive, a time the Callahans hope will bring lodgers. For Sasha and Jacob Neeley it means the tribal “coming of age” trial. In the midst of the madness, Nanuk and Yenni attempt to fit into the human world while waiting for rescue.

And in the forest, an ancient myth stirs into life…

Welcome to Salmon Run, Alaska! A place of wild animals, wild lands, and wild inhabitants…oh, and native legends come alive and an interplanetary alien conflict at their backdoor.

Other Books in the Salmon Run Series:
Night of the Aurora
Alien Winter
The Singing Lakes
Secret Illusions
Specter of the White Death
Aurora Equinox
Breakup – Alaska Style

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TMHSWP: Unexpected – But Good – Additions

“The Mother Hen String Weaver Project” is slowly winding to a close. Today I put the finishing touches on the last String Weaver book. I thought it was done before, but it turned out I was wrong.

One day, while I was walking, I realized that the story wasn’t yet finished. I came up with at least three scenes that the story needed towards the end. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that instinct was right.

Why did I even doubt the idea that it needed more? Because with a project that has gone on for as long as it has, because of how much I love it, because of how much others have loved it, it’s easy to get into the ‘perfect’ mentality. That it is never done. That it’s never good enough.

If a writer gives in to that too much, it can cause the project to never end. “Just one more thing.” “just one more tweak.” “Need to add or redo this section.”

It would be very easy to fall into that with this project. Oh, so, easy.

But, the ending needed these scenes. So, I started in. I thought the additional scenes would add a thousand or so words.

It didn’t turn out that way once I really got started. I should have know better. (hehe)

I started writing, and the scenes took on a life of their own. In a good way. In a great way. The scenes really came to life. Characters I didn’t expect showed up.

It resulted in the additions bringing a lot of closure to a lot of different areas and to characters. In the end it added a little over 3500 words, and I’m thrilled about all of it. In the process, it made this book officially the longest one of the series by just a little bit.

Something unexpected appeared, though. Something I’m a little worried about mentioning here, as I know I will immediately start getting pestered about it. Yes, looking at you, Nyx, Grey, and Tobe!

Um, the additions gave me ideas for three String Weaver short stories and novelettes. EEK!

(I really shouldn’t be surprised. In a universe like this, ANYTHING can happen.)

Oh well. I’ll live with it. At least I’ll never run out of things to read. 😛
The String Weavers Book 7

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