TMHSWP: Return of the Covers!

Another great night of revising. Even with all the allergies and fatigue, I seem to get a second wind right around midnight.

The good part about that is all the revision I’m getting in. The bad part is that it tends to make me stay awake really late, and then I REALLY sleep in. Eh, so long as I’m productive, right? 😛

Some of you may have noticed a few updates on the blog. I’ve been doing them little by little. The first was the return of the recent releases on the right-hand bar of the site (Including the release of book 7 of the Salmon Run series, “Breakup – Alaska Style”). Instead of listing several of them, each taking up space in the sidebar, I chose to go with a rotating image with links. I think it uses space more efficiently. 🙂

There’s something else that is new here, but I’ll write about it in a different post. 😀

The String Weavers Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 14,657
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 65,610


What is the “The Mother Hen String Weaver Project?” I’m glad you asked! Read here to find out.

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TMHSWP: Return of the Covers!

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