TMHSWP: Making Revision Choices



Wow. What a project. What great stories. What a great accomplishment!

Yes, the big revision pass is done! The story went to just above 100k, which is where I estimated it would come out after revision (first draft was about 94k).

I finished the pass early enough in the day that I was then able to start going through the revision notes to make sure I included everything. Well, everything I still agreed with.

That’s an important note, and one that illustrates the choices every writer must make when it comes to the revision process.

When I finished the first draft, and the weeks after, I made all sort of notes on things to change and rearrange. For some parts of the story, I figured it was going to be hard to revise it. Some of it I wasn’t looking forward to.

While in the process of the actual revision, I decided I didn’t agree with a bunch of those suggestions. I liked the first draft version. It went with the story, it progressed logically, it made sense for the characters. So, some of those revision notes were crossed out without any of it going in the story.

Meanwhile, I did find a few notes that I didn’t take care of in the first pass. Little things. Nothing that meant I needed to make big changes. I zipped through those changes, and they added a little over 1000 words to the story.

By the end, the book ended up as a nice tidy story. Not only in itself, but bringing together the threads through the other books. Answering those last few questions.

I have one more checklist to go through for the entire series. Once that is finished, though, the entire series will be done!

So, onwards to that final checklist! Then need to put this book through the final technical check (spelling, grammar, a few pet problems). Oh yeah, we’re getting close here!

The String Weavers Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 8,828
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 101,133


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TMHSWP: Making Revision Choices

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