TMHSWP: Light At the End Of the Tunnel

Finally had a day where I felt I could concentrate. Wow, did it feel good.

Not only did I get to a good part in the nove, but it also didn’t need as much revision as I remember from writing the first draft. Just goes to show that a first instinct about a first draft isn’t always correct.

The story is also hitting big at the climax, which always makes it so much fun. The creative-brain wants to stay focused, just to see the big payoff happen.

The big first-pass revision pass is now almost over. One more day, possibly two, and then I will be left with the spell-check and other small technical things to go through. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

The String Weavers Book 6

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 15364
Total for Novel (Out of 95k): 92253


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TMHSWP: Light At the End Of the Tunnel

2 thoughts on “TMHSWP: Light At the End Of the Tunnel”

  1. Don’t you just love those days! I’m still struggling with my 2YN novel. I’m pretty sure I’m approaching it wrong. I’ll keep poking it, lol!

    • Oh yes, LOVE the days. Talk about a high. 😀

      Good luck with your 2YN project! Squint at it one-eyed, maybe? Poke it enough times and it should give you something, just to stop the poking. 😛


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