TMHSWP: Faulty Story Memory

A very good day of revision yesterday

The story is really flowing along, a lot of conflicts, a nice cliffhanger before the POV switched to a different character. Yep, definitely happy with the book!

It’s interesting how my perception of come scenes are different from when I read through the first draft now. Last night I worked through three scenes that I remember when writing the first draft as “in need of a lot of work.” I thought them disjointed, needing a lot of work on the dialogue, pacing, and flow. That the characters were wooden.

Then I started working on those three scenes last night, and realized my memory of those passages were completely wrong.

Those scenes didn’t need a lot of work. Far from it. I added in my usual extra description, setting, and emotion (I’m a lean first draft writer, and those are items I typically put in during revision. I’m definitely a putter-inner!), and then they were done. I’m happy with the direction they went and what they added to the story. The things I thought the scenes were missing, including a big answer to a question and a set-up for book 7, they actually included.

Go figure.

Other scenes, though? The ones I don’t have any definite memory about? Some of those needed work. One I had to rewrite the beginning of.

Odd the tricks our memory can play on us.

The String Weavers Book 6

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 13838
Total for Novel (Out of 95k): 75334


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TMHSWP: Faulty Story Memory

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