TMHSWP: Back At It

I took Friday off from revision. That didn’t mean I didn’t do other writing stuff, though! Between taking care of Mother Hen, I’ve been getting a lot of things done.

On Friday I was back to it. 1600 new words on the novelette-turned-novella thingie, and it’s done! Now I need to get the next story outline out so I can have something to write new words on.

Redid a cover for one of my older releases. When I get the time, I’ll get that out.

And then, of course, the revision. Managed to revise 4800 words worth on the next String Weaver book. The session consisted of a few nice action-packed scenes that were fun to revisit. Deep in the middle, and dramatic things are afoot!

Now, if only the ant invasion inside the house will let up so I can get more done. Sigh.

The String Weavers Book 6

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 4867
Total for Novel (Out of 95k): 38307


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TMHSWP: Back At It

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