TMHSWP: Moving Up the Mountain

I still can’t believe the move up the mountain is done. It still doesn’t seem real.

Not that it went completely smooth. Hey, we can’t have that, can we! What went wrong, you ask?

The electricity. We called on Monday to set up to have it activated to the RV parking spot we were moving to. We get to the site, plug in…. and nothing. We called the electric company. Oops! Forgot to turn it on. They do it via remote control. Nope, power doesn’t work.

Outside temperatures are rising as we are trying to unpack the RV with no AC while we wait wait for the mobile electric company repair guy to get here. He finally does he finds power is to the meter. Which means the plugins and breakers there are the problem. Have to call the landlord, as those are his responsibility. So, we are back to waiting… as the temps grow higher…

The landlord arrives. I hold open the metal cover to the plug-in section of the power pole. He starts pulling things apart and finds…. a cut wire. A purposely cut wire going to the breakers!

So, all this time sweltering in the heat,and it was all because someone in the past two weeks between us and the last tenants of the space decided to be a criminal idiot. Oh lovely. Hey, you! Idiot! You could have harmed Mother Hen with this stunt. It hurt me! (I’m now in the midst of a flareup caused by getting overheated) I hope karma comes back and bites you on the hind end!


Anyway, we are here. I know it because of the allergies. I’m allergic to so many things up here, and so is Mother Hen. We’re all having to go full-speed ahead on all our allergy medications and hope they can keep up. We’re also going to be keeping an eye on her oxygen level, as she typically has issues at higher altitudes.

Despite that, I managed to get a few words of revision! It was hard, and I had to struggle through the first few hundred words, but I’m glad I did it. It started our summer months here on the right foot. It’s time for the revision and writing to kick into high gear!

“The String Weavers” Book 5

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 2632
Total for Novel (Out of 95k): 2632


What is the “The Mother Hen String Weaver Project?” I’m glad you asked! Read here to find out.

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TMHSWP: Moving Up the Mountain

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