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Revising away, plotting on the new Salmon Run books that I hope to write come July, and what hits me today?

A crucial detail idea for the last String Weaver novel!

Sigh. I’m soooo glad my writing head is working as well as it it, considering everything that is going on, but it sure is hard to get it aimed in the right direction sometimes. 😛

Not unusual. This has happened many times before. When I’m doing a lot of writing, revising, and planning, the creative side of the brain goes hyperactive. New ideas come out. New projects. Ideas for projects in progress. This is why I don’t worry about ever running out of writing projects. I know for a certainty that I will continue to have too many story projects to ever write them all in my lifetime.

Which is a great thing for a writer. 😀

Obviously I recovered. I took Thursday off, but then revised enough on Friday to make up for it. Make up and then some! A 16k revision day, and I like what I did!. I’m hoping to keep up the pace over the weekend. If I can, I could possibly get it done by Monday. Which would mean I can get back to The String Weavers and the Salmon Run outlines.

Mother Hen has had a few hard days. It’s too hot, she’s tired, still recovering from the x-ray stress, the bald spots getting bigger (this was expected), which has sent her into depression. I’m hoping she will get a lot of rest this weekend to help pull herself out of it.

This coming week will be short, though! The last radiation treatment will happen on Tuesday, and after that, she gets time off to rest and heal! The next round of chemo will be the first week of July. I’m looking forward to that rest just as much as she is.

Enjoy your weekend!

“Salmon Run” Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 16,356
Total for Novel (Out of 35k): 27,279


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TMHSWP: Distractible Muse

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