TMHSWP: A Salmon Run Book Revised!

Big revision pass, going through the revision notes, AND the final mechanical polish is now finished!

Cue happy Snoopy dance!

Deadline for this story was June 8th. Yep, hit that in the head, with 6 days to spare! SCORE! Mother Hen is now jumping up and down at the prospect of reading another Salmon Run. I think she’ll really like this one, too. It has several fun moments.

Now that my head is deep in the Salmon Run town, I’m going to work on the outline for the next book. I want to have a basic outline that I can peck at and refine during the rest of the month while I work on the revision of the fifth String Weaver book. In June, I plan to write another Salmon Run story (and perhaps two or three)

Plus, it looks like we’re moving on Wednesday. I don’t want to get neck-deep into another revision and have it interrupted by something so big. This move is a good thing, overall. The temperature in Phoenix hit 106, and our poor air conditioning unit just can’t keep up. We’ve all been miserable. It’s a good 15-20 degrees cooler up in the mountains. We’ll be a lot more comfortable.

Mother Hen is excited about this week. On Tuesday she has her last radiation treatment and the last of the chemo for a month. Then she’ll get some chance to heal. Including allowing her skin to recover, and the hair to grow back. We’re all curious if the color of the hair at the bald spots will change color from the radiation killing the pigment cells. We’ve had friends where that’s happened.

It will be a busy week, but I think a productive one.

“Salmon Run” Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 8,862
Total for Novel (Out of 35k): 36,141


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TMHSWP: A Salmon Run Book Revised!

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