July Nano Is Upon Us!


:cough cough:

Yeah, I should dust before bouncing…

Yes, it’s that time of the summer! Time for the July Nano! Gut off those story ideas. Clean up the Nano room! Gather the snacks. It’s nearly time to get busy with a whole bevy of new words!

For me, they will be first real new words I will have written since we learned of Mother Hen’s cancer. I’m really looking forward to it, and once she heard the July projects are mostly Salmon Run stories, Mother Hen is all for it, too!

So, starting July 1st, it’s off with the new words! Time to let the creative brain go and work off the tension. The revision I go back to in August will be the better for it. As Mother Hen loves this series, I view this also for her, so it’s all good.


Above is the link to the July Novel Writing Month event that is now 9 years old. No, I won’t be doing Camp Nano. I don’t like their website, setup, and lack of motivational features. I’m also a bit miffed they decided this year to squat on the month of July when this other event has been going on for years.

I love the statistics page, something that Nanowrimo lost years ago. It’s perfect for playing the Word-Jump game. A simple game, but highly motivational: Look at the wordcount of a few people above you. Write like crazy. Update. JUMP!

Oh yeah. Planning on having some fun here.

I hope to see you there!

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July Nano Is Upon Us!

2 thoughts on “July Nano Is Upon Us!”

  1. J.A.,

    So sorry to hear about Mother Hen, she looks so absolutely sweet! (Reminds me of my mother. :-))

    I had no idea there was a JulNoWriMo. I’ve never bothered with either, but decided to try it this time around. Working on my 2nd series, with 2 books down. The 3rd is driving me nuts – I have the basic idea, I just can’t figure out how to begin it, middle it, or end it! 😉 This might just be the ticket I need or it might end up being a load of crap, but it doesn’t matter: I need to get new words down, and it needs to be sooner rather than later.

    • Thank you for the kind words about Mother Hen. 🙂

      Yay, another participant! I take it you’ve participated in the November Nano? I’m “Dreamerscove” at both nanowrimo.com and julnowrimo.com (you’ll see me on the Julno stats page!).

      Congrats on your series! Hopefully you can figure out #3. 🙂


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