TMHSWP: Tying Up Revision Notes

It took all day to go through the revision notes. I did manage to get most of them put into the manuscript when I did the major revision run, but there were three that were incomplete, and one that I didn’t get in at all.


Only one of the issues caused me trouble. For most of the points, I was able to go to one chapter in the manuscript and put in the needed information, dialog, or what-have-you. The last revision point, however, required work in three different parts of the novel and accounted for most of the new words yesterday.

I didn’t mind. 92k is a great wordcount for a novel, and the additions did add needed details to the story. I think the story is the better for it.

Today I go through chapter by chapter and make sure all the tiny stuff is taken care of. Things like problem words, punctuation mistakes, and other fiddly stuff. There are also two chapters I want to take a look at, as I’m worried they may be a little too long.

Anyway, off to get to work! I’m so excited that it’s almost done!

“The String Weavers” Book 4

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 1,936
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 92,472


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TMHSWP: Tying Up Revision Notes

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