TMHSWP: Catching a Naming Error

Yesterday I caught something that sometimes happens in first drafts.

A new species we’ve never seen before appears in book 4. Despite keeping up a story bible, I found that within the space of two scenes that I had called these creatures three different things! Oh yeah, that was confusing to me, trying to figure out who and what each of them are… and OOPS! They are all the same creature!

And if the writer is confused, then the readers have pretty much no hope. 😛

Problem is now fixed, confirmed the story bible has the listing correct (it did), and then went through the last chapter to make sure I caught all the instances. All fixed, and the type of mistake that really needs to be caught.

“The String Weavers” Book 4

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 6,363
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 16,423


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TMHSWP: Catching a Naming Error

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