TMHSWP: Book 4 Revision Done!

Over the past two days I worked on the final edit. In the process I added a little over five hundred words and the novel went a fudge over 93k.

It’s finally done!

Wow. I still can’t believe how fast this one went. I really like the story. A lot happens in this one which really propels the series forward.

I’m now pausing the revision a little bit while I work on the outlines for the next Salmon Run books. The story for the first one is now starting to become clear, but I had to use a different outline/conflict ordering process to make it happen. I don’t mind! So long as the story gets organized!

Mother Hen spent most of this weekend resting up. She really needed it. Tomorrow, she starts with the final five days of radiation. This weekend the hair really started falling out, but only in the places where the radiation beams were focused. So, lots of thick hair in most places, with big bald spots. She’s getting really good at combing out here hair to hide the bald spots. 🙂

I hope everyone else had a great long weekend!

“The String Weavers” Book 4

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 561
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 93,033


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TMHSWP: Book 4 Revision Done!

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