TMHSWP: Ahead of Schedule!

Last night, despite all the stress, I got on a roll. It started around 9pm and continued through 2am. I just couldn’t stop!

Heck, I didn’t want to stop! The story was going great. Right in the middle of the final climax. So much happening. Getting the scenes revised one after the other. So close to the end! If I could just do a little more it might just be possible…

And it was!

15,510 words of revision last night, and I finished the end of the big revision pass! A full 15 days early! I’m still amazed by that. It’s not computing.

The novel is now sitting at 90,536 words. It’s the shortest String Weaver novel so far, but a lot happens in it. There are several big questions answered in this book, as well as one big new worry. I won’t give spoilers, though. 😛

Today is all about going through the revision notes to make sure I didn’t miss anything in them. I figure that will take several hours, depending on how many missing aspects I catch and how complicated they are. After that, it’s the chapter-by-chapter final check before getting it off to the editor!

Mother Hen is still a little shaky and emotional today, but she did get a really good night’s sleep. Downside is that another big patch of hair fell out. No way that can’t affect the self-esteem. We’re giving her lots of hugs and reminding her that true beauty comes from within. She knows this. After all, she taught it to her children, but this is part of the natural grieving process of what she’s going through.

She’ll get through this. She has an inner strength I’ve always admired. I don’t mind giving her extra hugs right now when she needs it. She’s been more than generous with hugs when I’ve needed them.

Additional notes:

Tobe, thank you for the lovely poem. You made Mother Hen’s day. She loves it!

Grey, Mother Hen still wonders about your brain, but absolutely loves your humor!

Necia Phoenix, thank you for the funny pictures. I’ve been sharing them with Mother Hen.

Adora, Connie, and Ashe, thank you for all the virtual hugs you’ve given Mother Hen, as well as making her feel so welcome when she comes into Forward Motion chat. It means more than we can say.

Forward Motion members in general (Zette, Moosey, Sue, AWG, and so many others), thank you as well. Your support has meant so much.

And of course to everyone else how has sent notes, helped with donations, and helped in other ways. Thank you!

“The String Weavers” Book 4

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 15,510
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 90,536


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TMHSWP: Ahead of Schedule!

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