TMHSWP: Scrivener Revision

How do I know how many words I’ve revised in my big revision pass? Let me show you.

When I am finished with a first draft, I move it out of the Scrivener “Manuscript” folder into a new folder called “First Draft.” I do not change anything with it. I keep the original draft around just in case I ever need to go back to see what I did, or to revert.

In the “Manuscript” folder, I then start creating folders and files for the finished books. Each folder is a chapter, with the files inside individual scenes. Most times a folder will have only one scene/file in them, but occasionally I do get chapters with more than one POV’s in them (especially in the Salmon Run series).

Only then do I start revising.

Scrivener Revising

Above is a screenshot of the current revision in a Scrivener project. On the left is the Binder where you can see the chapters and scene/files for the next String Weavers novel. To the right are two Panes, one on top of the other. I love Scrivener’s ability to have Panes. For revision I set it up with horizontal Panes.

The bottom Pane is the first draft. I bring up each scene individually and then copy and paste each part I want to use into the top Pane, which is my finished revised scene/files. I make changes only in the top Pane, as that is what will end up in the finished novel. The first draft is left untouched (other than copy and pasting out of it).

By doing this, Scrivener’s Targets and Statistics can tell me exactly how many words I’ve gone through and revised. It also allows me to set targets and deadlines for the big revision pass, helping me to keep on track. This is especially important right now when time is an issue.

No, this won’t tell me how much I revised, technically, because some sections need a lot of work, while some only a little, but it does allow me to keep track of progress somehow. I like this method better than keeping track of hours (which is why I don’t do NaNoEdMo anymore).

What you don’t see here is a text document hovering somewhere to the right with the revision notes I made while writing the first draft. As I mentioned before, I write down revision thoughts and things to fix while writing the first draft, but I don’t go back and change those things right then. It’s only now while doing the big revision pass that I start making those changes.

As for today’s revision session?

Today was a lot slower. I started out the day by finding a time-line problem that originated in the first book. Oops! yes, it’s fixed, by changing a small part of what happened at the beginning of book 3. Took about two hours and an extra 800 words, though!

After that, the revision went a lot smoother. The biggest problem I had was feeling weary, but that’s to be expected considering what is happening in our lives right now. The Arizona heat is really getting to us right now, affecting Mother Hen, as well. The AC can barely keep up with it, and it’s only in the 90’s. There is a reason we like to leave the area come summer, but this year it isn’t an option. We need to keep her close to treatment.

To help Mother Hen, I got out the Kindle. Turns out, she went to one of her ‘comfort’ stories, this time in the form of the “Children of Jad Omnibus.” It makes me feel proud and honored that she likes a few of my stories so much that she goes back to them time and time again to read. Talk about a huge compliment!

Today’s Revision Session: 14,189

Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 40,668


J.A. Marlow

TMHSWP: Scrivener RevisionChildren of Jad Omnibus

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TMHSWP: Scrivener Revision

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