TMHSWP: Revision Update – The Beginning

The start of the novel needed a bit of work, but that’s pretty usual. I’ll need to read through the first chapter again once I’m done, but I think it came out well with this first pass. It’s been wonderful fun to visit all of these characters and the universes they inhabit again.

As an aside, as I’m revising, I’ve found myself thinking about covers again. When I get these done, I think new covers will come out for even the first two already-released books. It makes sense, as I ultimately want all of the books to have a cohesive look, and right now the covers say more ‘fantasy’ than ‘science fiction.’ That’s a problem. 😛

I’m now in the start of the real action and I’m liking what I’m seeing. So far I’ve only needed to add a few descriptions here and there. That’s to be expected. I tend to write lean, with the descriptions needing to be added in later.

I also came up with a good way to describe one minor character in this, someone who never did feel quite real to me. It’ll be interesting to see how he takes shape as the revision continues.

Revision as of tonight sits at 15k out of a 100k novel.

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TMHSWP: Revision Update - The Beginning

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