TMHSWP: Revision and Critical Voice

As I thought, going through this area is slow and tedious.

Not only because of the changes that need to happen, but also because I am fighting the “critical voice” of the internal editor. To keep from stripping out my writing voice, I need to keep the creative voice going. Yes, even in revision.

By the way, this is different for every writer. I know some who have a horrible time keeping out the critical voice while revising and tend to revise down their work to gray-goo unless they set severely strict limits on themselves. Such as: Work on only the points they made notes on. Refrain from most rewording and focus on only big points. Set time-limits to the revision.

Others slip into revision with a creative voice easily, and are able to stay there. Most of the time I’ve noticed that these are people who have been at the writing game for quite a while.

I’m more the second than the first, although some sections still try to entrap me. Such as this one area. I think having a set deadline is also helping me. The “critical voice” doesn’t like to be constrained like this and tends to go off pouting. Fine with me! It leaves the creative side with more leeway to do what needs to be done.

For the most part, going back into the story is like replaying the movie. I just need to add in more of what my mental eye is seeing. (writing is very mentally visual for me)

This area? It’s like I’m partially reshooting these scenes of the movie while keeping in mind some of the old stuff I’m saving. For one part, it was easier to throw out what was previously written and write completely new from memory. At least then I could stay within my creative voice like when I’m writing a first draft.

I’d hoped to finish this section yesterday, but alas, it was not to be. Despite over 5k in revised words, there is still work to do. Not as much as yesterday, of course, but there are still several plot points to include.

Mother Hen is moving slow again today. The heat is zapping the energy out of all of us (101 F yesterday). She’s finishing up a nutrition drink right now, and then I hope to get her moving around a little bit.

Time to make more tea and launch into the section again. Maybe this time I’ll actually finish it. 😀

“The String Weavers” Book 3

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 5,612

Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 67,684

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TMHSWP: Revision and Critical Voice

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