New Release: Breaking Point

Science Fiction novelette
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Everyone has their breaking point and Alfonso just found his…

A series of layoffs forces starship pilot Alfonso Wickham to make a shuttle deliver with no help other than the accompanying ‘efficiency expert’ who is watching his every move. He can’t do anything right, and the delivery quickly goes from bad to worse when local salvagers view his cargo as a quick easy score.

They don’t know they are messing with a man who has nothing left to lose.


Yes, a new novelette. It was intended to be a companion piece to “The Art of Negotiation” but ended up a little long, so it has been released on its own. It is, however, set in the same universe, but does not share any characters. Another of the Forward Motion May “Story-A-Day” short stories, and I think it came out fun. Most working people can sympathize with reaching a breaking point.

I guess I’ll have to try to write a shorter work to pair with “The Art of Negotiation.” Oh darn, more writing. How horribly wonderful. 😛


New Release: Breaking Point

J.A. Marlow

The Art of Negotiation

After overseeing the downsizing of the construction facility at Arcturus, Zada Harper finds herself the next target of the ISC Corporation, but she isn’t about to go quietly.

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New Release: Breaking Point

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