Blog Up And Running Again

Most of yesterday was not spent on outlining, writing, or revising. Or even publishing.

It was spent cleaning up the site after another Russian Mob hack inserting redirects into every page. Seriously, will someone go out and kill these people? They are nothing but vermin using up oxygen on this planet.

It will take time for the Google-alerts to disappear, but that should happen in the next few days. In the meantime, it’s time to turn the focus on more productive things. Like starting the novel I should have written in June. The writing starts tomorrow (July 1st) for the July Nano. Maybe joining in with a Nano will help the words start to flow.

I hope everyone else had a better month of writing in June than I did! Now I’m going to see if I can figure out what settings I used for the progress bars. 😀

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Blog Up And Running Again

4 thoughts on “Blog Up And Running Again”

  1. The site looks good. I also see another book is published. 🙂 Well done, considering your hacker attack.

    • Yep, managed to get a new book published, despite everything. Oh, and a new short story (“Are We There Yet?). I’m still playing with the look of the site, since I had to load so much new into it anyway. Definitely a work in progress.

    • Yeah, and it doesn’t look like Google has updated their warning yet. I tried using their webtools to ‘verify this website is yours’ and gave up in disgust. I did not like any of the choices they gave, and the one I did try they decided wasn’t good enough even though it was one of their other services I used. So, forget it. I have writing to do. 😛

      Sorry, little rant. I’m still being punished for the illegal actions of someone else.

      I hope you enjoy the new book!


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