May Story-A-Day Challenge is ON!

The annual Forward Motion May “Story-A-Day” challenge starts today! The challenge was started over 10 years ago by Holly Lisle, sort of a Nanowrimo for short stories. May Story-A-Day Challenge is ON!This is the second year I’ve participated, and I’ve been looking forward to it for months. The only real rules are that the stories must be at leat 500 words long, and they must be new stories never written on before.

There are five levels of participation:

  • Beginners Level: 5 stories (‘My life is killing me already!’ level)
  • Apprentice Level: 10 stories (‘I have a life’ level)
  • Journeyman Level: 15 stories (‘I don’t have much of a life’ level)
  • Master Level: 20 stories (‘I have no life’ level)
  • Insane Level: 31 stories — The real story a day! (‘I have a time machine and know how to use it’ level)

Guess what level this crazy writer is trying before, even though I’m taking a writer’s workshop in the middle of the month? Go on, guess. I dare you! 😛

Like last year, I’m using this blog to help motivate me. There is a tracker in the right column now, and I’ll also post about the newest story completed.

So, off we go into May! I’m hoping it’ll be a great month!


J.A. Marlow

May Story-A-Day Challenge is ON!

Welcome to Salmon Run, Alaska! A place of wild animals, wild land, and wild inhabitants…oh, and native legends come alive and an inter-planetary alien conflict at their backdoor.

When Zach Callahan and his father, Hawk, arrive unprepared for a new life in the wilds of Alaska they find the first challenge is just getting to the small town of Salmon Run. They think they have it made once they get to the Solar Express, the unique train that will take them through a dark roadless wilderness to their new home.

The same night a massive display of the Aurora Borealis lights up the sky.

With the Solar Express shutting itself down, stranding its passengers in the middle of nowhere, Zach and a new friend find themselves on a collision course with an alien spaceship hidden under the snow and ice.

Right under the path of the rescuers. A spacehip also feeling the effects of the light show…

A 37800 word, 152 page (approximate), Alaskan science fiction stand-alone novella in the Salmon Run series by J.A. Marlow.

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May Story-A-Day Challenge is ON!

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