Day One Short Stories (May FMWriters Story-A-Day Challenge)

Notice how the title of this post is plural? Yep, that’s right. May 1st was good for not just one new short story, not two of them, but THREE! Beware the plot bunnies around my writing office. The things are vicious. 9627 words in one day kind of vicious!

Why do I suddenly feel like it’s Nano-time? 😛

So, here are the short stories completed today, complete with descriptions:

Are We There Yet?
3854 Words

“Are we there yet?” The Larson family leave on their annual Venus vacation in a short space-RV jaunt, discovering no matter how much things change, the more they stay the same.

Gaslight Tea Party
2722 Words

Claire loves to play with what everyone assumes is her imaginary friend, when newly installed streetlights reveal her playmate for all to see.

In An Invisible Downpour
3051 Words

For Moon colinist Mika, taking shelter from a solar flare is common practice, when an accident maroons her in the path of a deadly invisible downpour.

Before anyone asks, NO, I do not expect to keep up this pace for the rest of the month. Hah!


Spires Short Story CoverJ.A. Marlow


A failure-of-a-telepath crosses paths with a smart-mouthed kid on the run with a stolen alien artifact, only to find the destructive vines infiltrating the city have plans for them both. A science fiction short story. This edition includes the complete bonus story, “In the Cauldron”

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Day One Short Stories (May FMWriters Story-A-Day Challenge)

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