Day 8 – Short Story Update #storyaday

Song of the Flying Dutchman
9177 words

No, there was not an update on the 7th. That’s because I was mired in a story that kept going… and going… and going…

When it was finally done, it informed me there was a bunch more to go. Yeah, yeah, I know. Wow, do I know. Not nearly enough got tied up in this story as I hoped.

I’ll have to think a bit on what form the next story after will take. In the meantime,, on to the next short story!


Day 8 – Short Story Update #storyaday

J.A. Marlow

The Art of Negotiation

After overseeing the downsizing of the construction facility at Arcturus, Zada Harper finds herself the next target of the ISC Corporation, but she isn’t about to go quietly.

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Day 8 – Short Story Update #storyaday

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