Writing Prompt: An Experimental Diplomat

Someone out there going “Huh?” 😀

I’ve been working on and off with an idea generator. They are not easy things to create. Too much information, and the Muse shuts down. Too little, and the Muse doesn’t even pay attention. So, I’ve been working to create one with several lines. The fun comes in trying to connect up the lines produced into one story.

The new generator has already produced several story ideas for me. As I’m tweaking it again and I come across interesting combinations, I thought I would share them here in case they inspire someone else.

So, here is today’s generated writing prompt:

  • The story is set with an interlude with an argument.
  • The Story involves a bulkhead.
  • Someone is involved in a secret.
  • The story may incorporate an experimental diplomat.

Let me know if it inspires anything!


J.A. Marlow

Writing Prompt: An Experimental Diplomat

The String Weavers (The String Weavers – Book 1)

Kelsey Hale thinks she’s just a typical mixed-up teenager. Everyone feels that way, her teachers assure her. Yet, strange things happen to her, like food disappearing before she can eat it and hearing music no one else hears.

Then a giant flaming bird drops an alien at her feet. Well, good grief, how can you ignore something like that?

Abducted from Earth, the only planet she’s ever known, Kelsey finds herself thrust into the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universe. She must not only survive herself, but also find a way to rescue her father from a dangerous group with unknown motives.

In the process, she’s confronted by a hidden secret about herself which will shake the very foundation of who and what she thought she was.

And connecting it all are the mysterious Weavers.

A 97,100 word, 389 page (approximate), science fiction novel.

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Writing Prompt: An Experimental Diplomat

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: An Experimental Diplomat”

  1. “Hey! It’s no use arguing, Mr. experimental diplomat! I know you’re behind that bulkhead.”

    That’s all I’ve got so far…

    • Good one! My mind is still chewing on the ‘experimental’ part. How can a diplomat be experimental? One of these days it’ll come to me. Probably when I’m already neck-deep in a different project.


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