Guest: Scarlett Archer – The Spark of Creativity

J.A. Marlow has invited me to write about what sparks my creativity and how I keep it alive through a longer project. I’m definitely someone who has had their fair share of longer projects! I currently have three long term projects. One: at the editing stage, two: in the outlining stage and three: It’s completed and published.

Guest: Scarlett Archer - The Spark of CreativitySo lets begin with what sparks my creativity?

What doesn’t? The odd way someone says something, or wondering what other points of view would be interesting to write from a TV show, or book. A piece of music, a heated discussion with a friend. Whatever suddenly throws me outside the box. The spark of creativity is always lit, it’s more-so an energy source like electricity. When I get the hit of inspiration suddenly the room is overexposed with a burning glow because the electricity is supercharged.

But unlike a lot of writers I know, I don’t allow myself to start a new story whenever that spark lights up. I did that years ago but realized all I ended up with was a tonne of story starts and no finishes. I’ve learned through experience if it’s a worthy plot and I have enough drive it will still be there when I finish what I’m currently working on. Having three projects going on right now is at my limit- but I only write one at a time. This means when I’m struck by an overload of electricity in the brain I never follow through on it. I’ll write the idea down and keep it aside but it always has to wait! Waits in the brain, marinating, growing, finding a foundation.

And how do I keep it alive through the project?

It has to be a topic I love, or a genre that I love. The moment I lose interest it’s usually because there wasn’t enough depth to the story in the first place. An idea can work, any idea can work, but so long as it has a beginning, middle and end. I’m in a place where I’m learning so much about the art of story telling, and the Hero’s Journey so not only am I emotionally involved in the plots and characters but in the art form of the story on its own.

I think it’s important to focus on one project. I would suggest it to you writer folk out there- trust if it’s a good idea that hits you it will still be there when you’re finished with the current one. If it’s worth your time it will be patient! That’s how you keep your projects alive!


Guest: Scarlett Archer - The Spark of CreativityScarlett Rugers (writing as Scarlett Archer) has just released a book 1001 First Lines which is now available at Amazon! You can purchase a paperback, .lit, .epub, .mobi and PDF versions here:

She has been writing for over fifteen years, completed over eleven novels, and her main drive is in speculative fiction or its contrasting opposite romantic comedic novels. She has a passion for studying the art of story telling and is a grand lover of movies. Her focus in work is book cover designs which enables her to put all her energy in to the area she loves most- literature. You can get in touch with her about getting a book cover designed for you at

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Guest: Scarlett Archer - The Spark of Creativity

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