New Release: Secret Illusions (Salmon Run – Book 4)

New Release: Secret Illusions (Salmon Run - Book 4)Yep, there is a new story in the Salmon Run series!

In the aftermath of the earthquake Hawk and Zach Callahan get a surprise: their lodge has been appointed a long-term shelter for those who’s homes were destroyed. In the midst of it all, the aliens reveal themselves to Zach and Sasha’s families, but for a specific reason.

They need the help of the humans to identify a potential threat… in Bermuda.

According to Uncle George’s will, a trip to Bermuda could cost the Callahans their lodge. Unless they can make the entire town believe they never left Salmon Run in the first place.

A stand-alone 36500 word Alaskan science fiction novella in the Salmon Run series.

The ebook has been up at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the last several days, but only tonight was I able to get it up on Smashwords. Over the next few weeks it will filter to other retailers, such as Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Diesel.

Here is a list of the retailers where the new release is currently available:


Barnes & Noble



Drive Thru Fiction

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New Release: Secret Illusions (Salmon Run - Book 4)

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