A New Year, Pondering A New Writing Plan

Wow, it’s amazing what a year can do to plans. Way back in December 2009 I created a business plan for writing which included writing and submitting multiple novels to publishers in order to increase the odds of hitting the right editor at the right time. 2010 increased the writing, and also took advantage of new distribution opportunities. The writing of the novels hasn’t changed, but the choices for a newly created novel have.

The 2010 plan was an ambitious one. Each month had listed a project to complete, with a total of 10 projects set out for the year. As of December I’m at 19 projects. Yikes, how did that happen!? It’s a good “yikes” but I still find it amazing.

So, what is the plan for 2012? The Squirrels have hit again, with every potential writing project jumping up and down, waving their hands, and yelling “Me! Me next!” It’s so hard to choose between them!

But, I will. The 2012 writing plan is in progress along with what projects to produce in what order (a flexible order). 11 more days to figure out the January project… hmm… I better get that figured out!

Out of curiosity, are any other writers out there preparing a writing or business plan going into 2012? Let me know in the comments if you are.

Thank you, readers, other writers, and supporters, for an amazing 2011. I hope 2012 will be even better!


J.A. Marlow

A New Year, Pondering A New Writing Plan

The String Weavers (The String Weavers – Book 1)

Kelsey Hale thinks she’s just a typical mixed-up teenager. Everyone feels that way, her teachers assure her. Yet, strange things happen to her, like food disappearing before she can eat it and hearing music no one else hears.

Then a giant flaming bird drops an alien at her feet. Well, good grief, how can you ignore something like that?

Abducted from Earth, the only planet she’s ever known, Kelsey finds herself thrust into the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universe. She must not only survive herself, but also find a way to rescue her father from a dangerous group with unknown motives.

In the process, she’s confronted by a hidden secret about herself which will shake the very foundation of who and what she thought she was.

And connecting it all are the mysterious Weavers.

A 97,100 word, 389 page (approximate), science fiction novel.

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A New Year, Pondering A New Writing Plan

13 thoughts on “A New Year, Pondering A New Writing Plan”

    • Hi there, Seleane!

      I’ll share my formatting as soon as I figure out what it will look like. Hopefully it will help other writers.

      Good luck with your own new writing year! πŸ™‚

  1. I also commented on my blog about goals reached in 2011, and planning new goals in 2012.

    Glad to see other writers take stock of the past year and what to plan for the next. πŸ™‚

    I am now resting and reenergising until the middle of January.

    • I’ll hop over to read, Diane. I’m enjoying seeing how other writers are planning out the new year.

      But rest? I wish the plot bunnies and idea squirrels would leave me alone long enough to rest! πŸ˜›

  2. Foremost, I’ll try to get my best German stories translated into English, and I’ll finish my African themed WIP, plus the revision of my non-linear story. If all goes as planned, I should have 5 or 6 more novels out by Summer. I’ll revise my plan then.

    • Go Katharina!I like the idea of taking stock of the plan in the middle of the year. This past year I was too busy to do that. Maybe I’ll be able to this year.

  3. Writing Plans for 2012?

    Work on the second draft of WoD and see if it really is good enough to submit to a publisher.

    See if I can trim the 20 months between concept and completion on book two. (Seems someone’s dare for us to start the next book has been accepted. Concept notes are being drafted and major plot details are being discussed.)

    I’m still playing in the shallow end, so you’ll forgive me if I keep the plans simple. πŸ˜‰

    • Sounds like you’ll be busy, Kat (and nothing wrong about keeping the plans simple). Are you going to try out any specific techniques on the concept and completion to bring down the time involved?

  4. I had initially set out a “12 books in 12 months” writing plan, but after looking at Jeff Ambrose’s fantastic series of posts (seriously check this one out, it is revelatory: http://writerjeffambrose.com/2011/12/13/2012-writing-goals-word-count-goals/) I have made some more realistic goals which will basically come out at 8 or 9 novels instead of 12. I look forward to seeing your full goals in the next few days!

  5. I put up my goals for 2012 here:
    But as I said before, I’ll revise them half way through the year.


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