Need Help Starting to Write? New Website!

Need Help Starting to Write? New Website!Nano 2011 Current Word Count: 131,412

This Nano I discovered a new writing tool to help a writer get their words when they are struggling.

You see, writing a bunch isn’t usually my problem. Obviously, from my word count listed above. The problem is sometimes taking that first step and getting the first 100 words or so to bring my head back into the story.

The website “Write or Die” is one way to overcome this. You set the time, and you start writing in the text box. If you stop, it will start making noises at you and blinking the screen (depends on the setting). I’ve used this on and off to help me get back into the writing when I’m under a deadline. After I get started, then I typically don’t need it.

But, sometimes I don’t want to be timed. I just need help with the first chunk of words.

Need Help Starting to Write? New Website!Someone out there decided they wanted an alternate. Something without a timer and helped push you forward using positive reinforcement.

Enter “Written? Kitten!”

This has several settings, but the one I like best is the 100-word setting. For every 100 words, the page offers up the picture on the right of a cute kitty. 100 more words? Yet another kitten! No countdown clocks here. Just cute kittens waiting to appear, if only you can find the next 100 words.

Soon, you will find yourself not saying “I wrote 1667 words today” but instead saying “I wrote 16 1/2 kittens today!”

Oh, and are you more of a dog person than a cat person? A group of us were talking it in Forward Motion chat, and one (Hello Fifth!) contacted the makers suggesting a puppy option. The creators answered back the very next day with not only the request, but a bunch more (tip: change the search term in the URL. Warning: some results for things such as ‘dragons’ will not be safe for viewing at work or around children): (I’m loving this one!)

Go, have fun, you crusty ‘ole writers! Go get your kittens! (or puppies, or squirrels, or horses…)


J.A. Marlow

Need Help Starting to Write? New Website!

The String Weavers (The String Weavers – Book 1)

Kelsey Hale thinks she’s just a typical mixed-up teenager. Everyone feels that way, her teachers assure her. Yet, strange things happen to her, like food disappearing before she can eat it and hearing music no one else hears.

Then a giant flaming bird drops an alien at her feet. Well, good grief, how can you ignore something like that?

Abducted from Earth, the only planet she’s ever known, Kelsey finds herself thrust into the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universe. She must not only survive herself, but also find a way to rescue her father from a dangerous group with unknown motives.

In the process, she’s confronted by a hidden secret about herself which will shake the very foundation of who and what she thought she was.

And connecting it all are the mysterious Weavers.

A 97,100 word, 389 page (approximate), science fiction novel.

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Need Help Starting to Write? New Website!

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