The Writing Business Plan and NaNoWriMo

I once had a business plan. I worked several days on it, refining and tweaking various goals. Then I got to the list of the books.

And I’ve already finished and published most of them.

I knew going into this that once I got going I would probably move forward a bit faster than expected. I did not expect just how fast.

The reason?

This whole process is absolutely addicting, but in the most marvelous way. I’m writing all the time. Stories are at all stages of completion and planning. More stories are waiting in the wings, tapping their feet in impatience for my attention.

Then there is what pushed this all into overdrive. The ability to take those stories and get them out into venues where they might find readers. Without having to wait months or years for it to happen, *if* it ever happened.

I went into 2011 hoping to have 8 projects up and available. Right at this moment I have a total of 16, and we still have over two months to go in the year! Yikes! (but that’s a good Yikes!)

I’ve learned a lot, from writing more polished first drafts, to faster revisions, and the final publishing side. It has been a steep and fast learning curve, and I’ve loved every minute of it. All of it has pushed the writing further than I thought possible. It’s amazing what a little hope can do for the motivation. I really don’t think I could have come this far in such a short amount of time without having the ability to find readers.

This means I need to take a serious look at the 1, 5, and 10 year writing business plan. What I once had is now out of date after only eight months. I now have an inkling of what is possible and what pace I can set.

This has changed my view of “National Novel Writing Month” when it comes to my own goals. I knew I would be working on first drafts with the intention of using the results for next year’s releases. After looking over the old business plan the fire burned even hotter.

This Nano I’m hitting it hard. I’m going to write a variety. Enjoy the process. I’m curious to see if what I’ve learned in the past year will translate into even better first drafts (I’m guessing it will).

I want to smash my all-time Nano high word count of 160,605 from 2009.

Can I do it?

Nano Planning

I go into Nano with outlines. This way I’m not bogged down with “What comes next?” It’s just the story, the words, and me, baby! Here is the list so far in the order I think they will be written (yes, it could change at the last minute):

A Turn of the Pipes
Science Fiction Romance set in the same setting as “Coffee Cup Dreams” and taking minor characters in that book to star in their own.

Rachel Henderkito finds unexpected romance with Ignacio Manetti after fishing his newt out of Redpoint One’s plumbing system, but a series of station system failures, and the newt itself, might destroy any future together.

Salmon Run
Science Fiction contemporary adventure/mystery. Yes, the series continues!

Secret Illusions (Book 4)
When the aliens reveal themselves to Zach and Sasha’s families while asking for help it comes with a catch that could cost the Callahans their lodge: a trip to Bermuda.

Spectre of the White Death (Book 5)
Survival training for the Callahans and frantic ship prep for the aliens collide on an Alaska mountain top along with one of the horrors of winter: Avalanche.

Aurora Equinox (Book 6)
Hawk insists on visiting the local aliens after the equinox aurora affects Zach’s translator just when the Bermuda Imperium spacecraft heads north, leading to a deadly secret resting within the Japan Triangle.

Taskforce Zero
Science Fiction Action/Adventure. Yes, this is a new series, this time set in the StarBlink Universe!

Rise of the Syndicates (Book 1)
Crime syndicates battle over turf in the Alliance of World’s capital when a new deadly syndicate arises, employing technology to rival Taskforce Zero’s with the potential of tipping the balance into lawlessness.

A Matter of Jeopardy (Book 2)
Taskforce Zero rushes to protect a newly discovered anti-matter generator from the many crime syndicates who want it, but will an diplomatic adversary from Jei Valtera’s past jeopardize everything?

The Ultimate Jack (Book 3)
Taskforce Zero races to keep an ancient lost fleet from the power-hungry Bellime royal family, but everything hinges on the Team Jack being able to solve the secret of the ships themselves.

Cubes of Memory (Book 4)
Shot down over Newton 3, Taskforce Zero director Gregory McKinley finds himself trapped between the demands of a lost secret and a Kahn Syndicate conspiracy to control the Jump Gates themselves.


After the end of November I plan to take a look at what I accomplishes with Nano, and then revisit the business plan. 2012 promises to be exciting and I want to have a solid foundation going in.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start revving the writing muscles!

Anyone else working on their business plan for the 2012? Or have big plans for Nano?


J.A. Marlow

The Writing Business Plan and NaNoWriMo

Coffee Cup Dreams

She wasn’t supposed to wake up when dead…

During what should have been a simple operation, Tish Douglas died. And yet, she also awoke… in what the doctors called a ‘psi event.’

Despite having no memory of the incident, it means she’s required to go on a life-time course of debilitating drugs designed to reign in her supposedly new psi gifts. She’s left with the option of existing on Earth in a drug-haze, or leave the planet.

When an opportunity for a good paying job on a space station known as Redpoint One is offered, she jumps at the chance. Even though she doesn’t have any experience as a ‘maintenance engineer.’ Even though the station sits in the middle of nowhere, a still-operating construct of a long-gone alien species.

Between pirate attacks, intelligent repair robots, and maintenance emergencies, Tish must find a place for herself.

All complicated by a growing attraction to the one person on the station she can’t have: boss Arthur Getty.

A stand-alone 48400 word, 193 page (approximate), science fiction romance novel.

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The Writing Business Plan and NaNoWriMo

7 thoughts on “The Writing Business Plan and NaNoWriMo”

  1. Wow, that sounds… Wow. (Do I say that too much when I comment?)

    Actually, you have inspired me to try and challenge myself in terms of writing this year. I’m going to set myself a new personal word goal – 150000 words in the month of November. That means 5000 words a day. I’ve never managed to reach this high during nano before, I think my all time high was 120000 one year. But hey, that’s what nano is about, right?!

    Thanks for the post and for the inspiration. See you in the nano trenches!

    • @ James – Nano is great for crazy goals and insane writing. Only one month? Go for it!

      Congrats on hitting 120k. That’s a real achievement! I hope you can hit your new goal for this year!

  2. I’m happy if I manage to make the 50K. With my daughter’s birthday (incl. parent’s party and kid’s party) I’m losing 3 days already. Also, I can only do half the required wordcount on weekends. Still, I managed to do it a couple of times already, why not this time. Good luck with your stories.

    • Go for it, Kat! November can be such a challenging month for so many people. I hope you are able to carve out plenty of writing time. 🙂

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