Ebook Formats: One Down and Out!

There are a lot of ebook formats out there. Epub, Mobi, Lrf, and so on. Epub and Mobi are the big ones, backed by Barnes & Noble and Amazon respectively. Not all of them can stand forever.

And now one has fallen. Yes, this reminds me of the VHS/Betamax, Blue-Ray/HD DVD wars.

The .Lit format was backed by Microsoft with its free Microsoft Reader program (also used for Pocket PC). This file format supported a DRM scheme (control the hissing out there!).

What has happened with the format? This:

Microsoft is discontinuing Microsoft Reader effective August 30, 2012, which includes download access of the Microsoft Reader application from the Microsoft Reader website. However, customers may continue to use and access the Microsoft Reader application and any .lit materials on their PCs or devices after the discontinuation on August 30, 2012. New content for purchase from retailers in the .lit format will be discontinued on November 8, 2011.

All Romance Books has already sent out an email to their publishers and readers that the .Lit format will no longer be supported through the ARe/Omnilit online stores.

Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing support of the Microsoft (MS) Reader format on August 30, 2012. The software hasn’t been updated in a number of years and has experienced a steady decline in market share, so this hasn’t come as a surprise. Since the announcement, many publishers have notified us of their decision to discontinue production of the format, including ALL publishers who have historically produced the Secure MS Reader Format. We appreciate that continuing to produce a non-supported format is unviable for many. We also appreciate that there are a number of readers who have remained loyal to the MS Reader format and will continue to remain loyal to it for some time.

We want to make every effort to provide readers with sufficient time to download any LIT files that are in their library, create personal back-ups, and transition to a new file format. We recommend the Open eBook or EPub format, which has been adopted as the industry standard.

As of November 1, 2011 Secure MS Reader (LIT) formats will no longer be available for purchase on the All Romance/OmniLit websites.

What does this mean for the E-book Experiment?

As an Indie one of the important aspects has been making sure I can cover as much of the available market as possible. That means not only using as many online ebook stores as I can, but also making sure my ebooks are available in as many formats as possible. With this announcement there is one less format to worry about when it comes time to convert and publish a new ebook. Yay for one less headache and worry!

For the readers of the .Lit format, especially with those encumbered by DRM, the headaches have just started.


Ebook Formats: One Down and Out!J.A. Marlow

A planet-wide conspiracy is waiting at Grandmother’s house…

“Always wear the red hood and cape while you are in the forest,” Grandma admonished.

For a teen with purple and red hair, and an attitude to match, the small claustrophobic city of Oburos grows ever smaller with Uncle Travis’s attempts to take over her and her mother’s life.

An invitation to visit Grandmother’s house, nestled among the giant trees filling the planet, gives Kate a welcome respite. But, there is no time for rest. A conspiracy among the forest inhabitants, moving trees, and other mysteries await her at Grandmother’s house.

Kate learns just how little she knew of the forests, much less its animals. To survive she must learn fast, and that includes trust and teamwork.

And just where was Grandma, anyway?

A Science Fiction 83600 word stand-alone novel retelling of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” by J.A. Marlow.

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Ebook Formats: One Down and Out!

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  1. “However, customers may continue to use and access the Microsoft Reader application and any .lit materials on their PCs or devices after the discontinuation on August 30, 2012.”

    Wow. It’s nice of them to give their permission for that.


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