June Sales And New Release

February: 5 Sales (First partial month) – Published 1 short story, 1 novelette
March: 21 Sales – Added 1 novel and 1 novella
April: 18 Sales – Added 1 novella and 1 novelette
May: 24 Sales – Added 1 short story
June: 25 Sales – Added 1 short story

And the build continues, even if it’s only a 1-sale expansion of the previous month. For the beginning of the summer slump in ebook sales I think it’s fantastic.

I have seen something interesting. In April I released book 2 in my Alaskan SF Salmon Run series. Since then the sales of the two have outpaced my novel, even though they are shorter. I’m very interesting to see what happens when I release book 3 in about a month. Will it boost sales even more? I’m not sure, but I’m excited to find out.

Amazon sales stank for all of June, but Smashwords made up for it. 8 sales on Amazon, 12 for Smashwords, and I got a better royalty from selling the units directily from Smashwords (Barnes & Noble sales aren’t worth mentioning). And no, I am not promoting Smashwords more than Amazon. In fact, I’m not promoting at all. Just writing more and releasing as soon as editing and cover art is finished. I view producing more material as the best promotion I can do right now.

June Sales And New ReleaseSpeaking of which: June had one new release. The short story, “Mop Jockeys and Fighter Pilots” which is my very first science fiction romance. I like having something out in a different subgenre. It was a fun story to write, written during Forward Motion’s May Story-A-Day challenge. The cover is also a departure from my typical cover art. And I like it. 🙂

Another thing new for June was adding Omnilit and All Romance to my distribution channels. My work has not been up with them for all of the month, but already there have been two sales. Yay for distribution channels with sales!

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June Sales And New Release

4 thoughts on “June Sales And New Release”

    • Omnilit has two sides:

      Omnilit: This is for all genres.

      All Romance: This side is for Romance, including all the sub-genres of romance.

      So, don’t cross Omnilit off your list. You can put pretty much anything up that you do on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. While they may be more known for the All Romance side, all my sales were on the Omnilit side. Go figure. 😉

  1. Thanks for all the great tips. I’ll keep this one in mind. I’ll be publishing my first Indie-story around the end of the month, no set date yet. I’ll let you know if you want.


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