Writing Fast… And Quality

Day 16 Wordcount: 5061 (In the Cauldron, Short Story #4)

And “In the Cauldron” is finished! Whee! I’m not sure I believe it!

Unfortunately the next story idea I’m pretty sure is going to leave short-story status and move more into novelette territory. We shall see.

In other news, there is a great article by Zoe Winters on writing fast, and what it really means. She points to several Dean Wesley Smith articles that I’ve read before (and love) to help make the point. Its fun, funny, to the point, and demands you stop making excuses.

Gee, Zoe, tell us how you really feel? 😉

And so tomorrow, I shall be applying the hind-end to the chair and getting to work. No whining to be heard here!


The challenge in question is the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge. See my previous post about the rules. The goal is to achieve the 10 short story level.

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Writing Fast... And Quality

4 thoughts on “Writing Fast… And Quality”

  1. I had a good laugh while reading the article. Thanks for the link. 🙂

    Yes, I agree, we can write fast. And the faster and more often we write, our muse comes out to play.

    You are doing so well with your stories, I might try it for a month, as soon as my current WIP is up on Smashwords.

    • Zoe is usually great for a laugh while she’s pounding your head. 😉

      I agree on the more we write the more our muses come out to play. Mine certainly does. It’s like they notice it’s ‘safe’ and start to frolic, and of course hit us over the head with new ideas…

      Like most writers, I now have far too many story ideas to ever hope to finish writing. What a problem to have.

  2. I’m currently writing a non-linear story and my Muse is running crazy. I have to slow her down a little to stop the story growing into some monster no one will be able to read any more. But it’s fun to write a lot. I’m currently getting nearly as many words as on a NaNo day, and I’ve still got plenty of time to check my emails and your blog. I guess I’ll be ready for going Indi mid-summer.


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