Sunday Story-A-Day Challenge Update

Day 8 Wordcount: 5165 (Dark Circus, Short Story #2 AND Glint of an Artifact, Short Story #3)

Last line written tonight: She returned her glare to the Warrior. “The pirates want these so bad? Let’s make sure they get them. Lure them right into a trap.”

As Sunday is the day the month of May began with, it makes sense to have Sunday an overall update-day. So, let’s see where I stand a full week later with the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge.

My goal for the month is 10 short stories, which comes out to one short story every 3 days. Today is the 8th, which means I should have 2 stories finished and half-way through another.

Here is where I stand:

#1 – Glint of a Ring: Finished at 7127 words
#2 – Dark Circus (A Gateway Roadhouse Story): Finished at 9474 words.
#3 – Glint of an Artifact: Approximately 1/4 finished, currently standing at 2351 words.

Obviously I’m not writing short short-stories. I’ve always had this problem. Long short stories or novelettes seem to be a natural length for shorter works for me. Spires is the shortest story I currently have available, and even that one sits at 4900 words.

This could impact my success, and I know it. However, there is a 5-story level I can still easily hit if I don’t quite reach 10. But I’m still keeping 10 in my sites, because, gee, it would be great to write that many!

Plus, I’m writing some short stories I’ve had in mind for a while, and it feels fantastic to get the first drafts done.

So, we start off the new week about 1 – 1/2 a day behind where I should be.

Write! I must write some more!


The challenge in question is the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge. See my previous post about the rules. The goal is to achieve the 10 short story level.

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Sunday Story-A-Day Challenge Update

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