Revision Started on Book 3 of the Salmon Run Series

Today I started revision on Book 3 of the Salmon Run series. The book needs a bit of work, but I was pleasantly surprised during a recent read-through that it’s not as rough as I originally thought it was.

A few tweaks, fully develop the ideas already present in the first draft, and it should be fine. I’m aiming to have the revision finished in 6 weeks at which point I will hand it off to my two editors. Estimate goal for handing it off to the editors: July 10th. If I manage to finish it a bit earlier, even better!

One of the things I want to do is increase the wordcount. The first draft sits at 25500. I would like to bring it up to around 35,000 which is around where the other two books sit (37800 for Night of the Aurora and 35100 for Alien Winter). Considering that I need to flesh out the subplots and I added four scenes to the revision-outline, I should make it.

I’m so excited about the prospect of having 3 books in the series released. For me, that’s a milestone. The characters are really developing, I’m enjoying the town of Salmon Run and the fun with the aliens. Plus, it looks great in the book listings.

It has me rethinking this upcoming National Novel Writing Month. I originally planned to write a new trilogy, possibly writing the first drafts of all three in one month. However, I still have a lot of outlining to do on that series. Writing out the next three books of the Salmon Run series might make more sense, and would be a lot of fun.

I want to see what the characters will be up to next, too!

Then would come figuring out the cover. Hmmm. I’ll have to chew on that as I’m revising.

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Revision Started on Book 3 of the Salmon Run Series

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  1. I just finished the last read through of my current WIP am am playing around with a cover. Yeah! Good luck with yours.


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