Monday Zombie and Carina Nebula Photo Inspiration

Day 9 Wordcount: 35 (Glint of an Artifact, Short Story #3)

Yes, only 35 measly little words. That’s what happens on a Monday where the wind is blowing causing an allergen alert. Oh and then financial month-end at work coupled with system glitches resulting in a 10-hour workday.

I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow. 😉

Here’s a lovely space-shot for inspiration. I love the colors and movement!

Carina Nebula


This is a Hubble shot of a stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7500 light-years away in the southern constellation of Carina.

Scorching radiation and fast winds (streams of charged particles) from super-hot newborn stars in the nebula are shaping and compressing the pillar, causing new stars to form within it. Streamers of hot ionised gas can be seen flowing off the ridges of the structure, and wispy veils of gas and dust, illuminated by starlight, float around its towering peaks. The denser parts of the pillar are resisting being eroded by radiation.

Nestled inside this dense mountain are fledgling stars. Long streamers of gas can be seen shooting in opposite directions from the pedestal at the top of the image. Another pair of jets is visible at another peak near the centre of the image. These jets, (known as HH 901 and HH 902, respectively, are signposts for new star birth and are launched by swirling gas and dust discs around the young stars, which allow material to slowly accrete onto the stellar surfaces.

From the ESA/Hubble Website


The challenge in question is the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge. See my previous post about the rules. The goal is to achieve the 10 short story level.


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Monday Zombie and Carina Nebula Photo Inspiration

6 thoughts on “Monday Zombie and Carina Nebula Photo Inspiration”

  1. Beautiful! I usually have those photos as my wallpaper, and swap when I get tired of each one. Inspiration to start each day. 🙂
    I am also inspired by your writing the short stories. Keep going.

    • I love telescope shots, and there are so many beautiful ones. An, actually, that did help inspire a short story. Once that I can use a spacescape for. Need to get back to writing!

  2. Sorry about the rough day. I know what it’s like when the words won’t come.

    Although, I couldn’t help but notice that your blog post is 67 words, almost twice your fiction output.

    Feel better!

    • Yes, but they didn’t have to make sense in the context of a story. 😉

      A good night sleep and I feel better this morning. I’m hopeful to be back on track today!

    • I’ve already spent hours that. Have a folder full of pictures from it that I can use as desktop pictures. Very inspiring!


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