May Challenge: Day 1 Update

Day one of the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge. See my previous post about the rules, including using idea generators. I’m hoping to achieve the 10 short story level.

Today was the first day of May, which meant it was time to dive head-first into the challenge. I was hoping to get through maybe half of the first idea, as I knew going in it would be a little long.

But, thanks to a bunch of word sprints and word wars in Forward Motion chat, I was able to finish the first story! Wow, that was unexpected. And wonderful!

Definitely worthy of a slice of blueberry pie reward. 🙂

(Yes, homemade. And I made it! Hah!)

Here is the prompt that helped get this story off the ground (From the Forward Motion Random Idea Generator):

SHOWING FEAR… As a writer it isn’t enough to simply say our characters are scared. we have to prove it! But, how do you show a character’s fear?

Think about yourself when your’re afraid. What do you feel? Does your heart race? Dry mouth? Perspiriation? Maybe your stomach aches, or perhaps you get so jumpy every sound makes you flinch. And what about the people around you? How do they act? Do they talk about their fear, or do they cover it up with bravado?

Today, write a scene where your character is afraid, even terrified, and use everything you know about fear to prove it. Try to involce as many of the senses that you can, and don’t forget to show how the other charcters react as well.


Glint of a Suncatcher coverThe result was a 7127 word short story, which just happens to be a sequel for Elvy from “Glint of a Suncatcher!” Go Elvy!

I call this day of writing a total success!

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May Challenge: Day 1 Update

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