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Dean Wesley Smith has written a great blog post about what we might see as both writers and readers in the new publishing world when it comes to story length. I agree with the concepts, although I’m playing with the word-count tiers and pricing different from what he suggests.

I love that we can tell stories at whatever natural length the story requires. No padding if it is too short, no taking out storylines if it is too long. Just write the story, and write it until it is finished.

Pricing according to length is something I do like, as both a writer and a reader. Pay a bit more for longer work, a bit less for shorter (the occasional sale or series opener notwithstanding). I’ve done this with stories coming from Star Catcher Publishing, my own little publishing company for myself. You can see the pricing tiers HERE, if you are interested. For an alternate tier structure, take a look at what Selena Kitt put together HERE. (Does anyone else have links to various pricing tiers for more comparisons?)

The pricing for various word-lengths will fluctuate as the market changes, I’m sure. But because I’m Indie, I can roll with it.

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Ebook Pricing

2 thoughts on “Ebook Pricing”

  1. Do you want to discuss your word count tiers and pricing? 🙂

    I am following close to DWS pricing at this stage, until I get a larger following and more written novels on sites. However, if all shorts less than 3000 words are selling for 0.99, I may rethink the lower end of the price scale.

    Following Selina Kitt’s pricing, my novels should be selling for $6.99 and I only have them priced at $3.99.

    I guess we watch and learn, as the new epub structure settles down. 🙂

    • Definitely watch and learn. I read DWS’s blog all the time, but I haven’t seen him list a pricing tier he uses, and haven’t had the time to see what he’s published and figure it out from there.


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