Big 6 Ebook Pricing Insanity

For about 15 years I only bought used books due to economic reasons. No money went to the publishing houses or authors.

Then I bought a Kindle. I could increase the font so that suddenly I could read comfortably again (the print in the last few years is getting far too small in so many books). Suddenly I’m buying and reading like crazy, and the money I spend IS going to the publishing houses and authors.

That is, if their prices are reasonable. If the price of the ebook version is lower than the print version.

Random House opted out of the Agency model for so long. Well, this past week that changed. And the old books that are 30+ old that I was slowly buying in ebook format, after first buying in paperback way-back-when, went up in price. To $8 and above?

For books that old? When I can get paper replacements for under a dollar?

Good grief.

Well, goodbye Random House. You were getting money after I already owned the book, just so I could have it in ebook format. Not now. There are plenty of smaller presses and Indies with reasonable prices I can buy. I’ll miss my favorite authors, but enough is enough.

Newsflash Big Guys: Your games will not stop me from reading on my ereader or buying for my ereader. It will not slow me down a bit in making a nearly-complete switch to the digital format. It will only drive me to other authors and publishing houses.

Your loss is their gain.

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Big 6 Ebook Pricing Insanity

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