Glint of a Suncatcher – New Novelette

The business-side story of this new ebook will also be discussed in a later post. But for now, I’m pleased to announce a new release.

Glint of a SuncatcherGlint of a Suncatcher cover

Elvy Akuma discovers a mysterious ancient artifact while on a picnic with her family. Believing the it could be the key to allowing her father to keep his job at the Jad Cultural Center, she instead finds it might re-ignite a devastating war between the humans and Chion.

A 9750 word Novelette by J.A. Marlow.


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Glint of a Suncatcher - New Novelette

4 thoughts on “Glint of a Suncatcher – New Novelette”

    • In my previous life (snerk) I was/am a fine artist and graphic designer. One of my dreams as a fine artist was to do fantastic science fiction covers. That never happened (although I’ve sold a number of prints) but now I get to do them for my own books. In other words, I am the artist for all the covers. 🙂


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