Nano 2010 Is Officially Over

And this was a hard one this year. A word of advice: Don’t move during Nano.

For the first Nano ever I was not able to complete a first draft of a novel. While I did get 81753 words, part of that was a revision (yes, I was a bit of a Nano rebel this year). The one book I was writing from scratch, “Lost Garden of Dreams”, now sits at 54k. I estimate it still needs about another 20,000 words to finish it up.

I don’t like having an unfinished first draft sitting there. Since 2007 I’ve finished everything I’ve started. Strangely, I think it’s bothering me more than if I hadn’t achieved 50k for Nano.

Want to take a guess at what I’ll be working on in December? Hehe.

I hope Nano went better for everyone else this year. And any new words is a good thing! I just need to keep reminding myself of that!

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Nano 2010 Is Officially Over

2 thoughts on “Nano 2010 Is Officially Over”

  1. I understand how you feel. But try to look at what you did accomplish, rather than what you think you didn’t accomplish. Yeah, it’s hard, I know. If you look at my LJ you can see my pathetic (very non-NANO) progress for month. (and see why I say I understand.)

    I am looking forward to see excerpts of Lost Garden. Soon perhaps?

    • I am trying to look at the bright side of this, but the over-achiever in me is unhappy. Maybe I can console it with some dark chocolate. 😉

      Last night I replotted the end of the book to take care of a huge problem that pretty much stopped me cold. Now maybe I can finish the first draft!

      I don’t release anything that isn’t polished up first. I’ve always been that way, even with the art. First drafts of anything are for me only. Once I have started the revision process a few excerpts might find their way up on the site.


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