Series Type Decision To Be Made

It took a little bit of thinking to decide on the type of series to use for Salmon Run.

A different series I’m currently writing is a Closed Series consisting of an odd mix of the Stand-Alone and Serial Cliff-Hanger novels. It took a lot of pre-planning, a lot of attention to detail, and very tight plotting of the books themselves. All before the first book was ever written. The series is going to be great, but it’s definitely been a challenge and a lot of hard work.

With “Salmon Run” I have limited time for the planning. By going with an Open Series I can do the series planning efficiently, focusing on the main cast of characters, the main locations, the general themes, and then focus the detailed planning on the individual books. This means I can start writing the first book much faster.

That reason alone made me decide to go with an Open Series.

Now comes the question of what type of book to use to make up the Open Series. Fortunately the ideas themselves helped me with that decision.

From one brainstorming session alone I had 8 individual ideas written down. Each could be an idea for entire complete novella. While combining ideas to make one novel (or novella) can create a deeper and more complex novel, I had just too many to shove together. And the ideas kept coming. Which means even more books.

Creating a series that is highly accessible to readers is another goal. I want readers to feel comfortable starting on a particular book that has a description that entices them personally. If they like it, then they might look at the backlist to read more about the same town and characters.

Keeping those readers with high reader satisfaction is another goal. I want readers to keep coming back. That means each book being designed from the start with this goal.

For all the above reasons I’m veering away from the Serial Cliff-Hanger and instead moving towards Stand-Alone books to make up the series.

So, it’s official. For “Salmon Run” the decision is to go with Open Series Stand-Alone novellas.

Now the more complicated planning can begin.

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Series Type Decision To Be Made

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